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Shopping Services for Today's Busy Moms and Mommas-to-Be

Doesn't it seem like there is just soooo much to do in our lives? For some of us - we cook, we clean, we work, we love, we laugh, and oh... we shop! How fun it is to shop for what you like and what you know. But, how hard it is to shop for what you don't know.

So many choices! For many of us, the most exciting point we face is when we welcome a new baby into our lives. Sure, there are so many moments that seem to come close - and very well may. For a majority of women, having a child is the most amazing gift bestowed upon us. 

When you walk into a big box baby store, it can be startling to see all of the different merchandise and all of the shelves lined with... choices! You may find yourself thinking, "which bottle is really best? Do I even need a bottle? I just know I am going to breastfeed... Oh, no! What if I can't breastfeed like my sister and my best friend, Alice?" Or, some other combination of chaos... We aim to eliminate the confusion and anxiety that seems to come with preparing for the new l'il person in your lives.
Personal Concierge is a mom-based, mom-run division of ChapmanHill BABY. We have a number of experienced, established professional personal shoppers - that are also parents themselves; they work with you to minimize the stress and indecision of preparing for baby while helping you sort through the junk and focus on the must haves. As a part of your personal shopping experience, we can do as much or as little as you want us to do. 
  • Would you like someone to assist you in choosing the right stroller or crib? 
  • What about the guesswork involved with what to register for in preparation for baby? 
  • What do you REALLY need to buy to pack in the diaper bag?
  • Who truly has the best deals on all you need to get you through the first year?
We can help you answer these questions and many others. Our services vary from registry completion, actual buying services, in-home set-up, and all stages of the returns process. We even assist our clients in finding the right baby nurse. There really is no limit to what we can do to help you enjoy this beautiful time in your lives to its fullest. 

For more information about Personal Concierge, please contact us to receive a no-cost consultation in order to discuss our program further. We have plenty of references that validate and affirm the benefits and overall value of our service.

Consider gifting this service to someone you love. It is definitely a gift they will never forget!

You Deserve a Personal Shopper for You and Your Baby 

MyShopper Personal Shopper Services for BABY. Allow us to relieve the stress and indecision that comes with buying what your baby needs. Our experienced personal shoppers are also moms who work for you in choosing "...only the BEST for your BABY."

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